Our Ambassadors

We’re happy to introduce our motivating and ambitious REDCOCO ambassadors. They have in common the passion for a healthy lifestyle, the joy of overcoming everyday challenges and enthusiasm for REDCOCO coconut products. Let them inspire you and discover the unique "taste of nature".

Mimi Candi Pelikán

Beautiful traveler and founder of blog Healthy Factory - your factory of health, who lives on the magical island Bali. Her life is full of sun and sand, everyday challenges in sport and healthy eating, passion for yoga and coconuts. As a lover of good food enjoys a varied Balinese cuisine in Indonesia. She likes different combination of fresh juices, smoothies, fit desserts and own healthy meals with taste from all over the world.

Martin Šmahel

An athlete, personal trainer, presenter, model and active person who just through the healthy lifestyle started nutritional counseling. He got passionate about preparing quick, tasty and healthy meals that support care for look outside and inside. He likes using fresh local ingredients and experiment with exotic ingredients and new flavours. However what is most importatnt is that he prepares meals quickly and without long cooking.

Lucka Gažová

A passionate pastry maker, a businesswoman and the successful author of the book, is a proof that the cooking can be modern, healthy and tasty. In her Lulus bakery, she creates only honest and delicious goodies. Every day she prepares amazing fresh cakes for her customers, mini desserts and colorful macaroons that are not only delicious but also eye-catching. For Lucia baking is a mission and is filled with great joy.

Barborka Moravčíková

A lawyer with the heart of the chef. She is as good in gastronomy as in the world of paragraphs. Cooking is her passion and joy at the same time. She favors classical cuisine which by adding authentic ingredients changes into unique and unmistakable flavors. Her inspiration are her friends who regularly meet at a table full of good food and great wine. Each visit to Barbora is transformed into a real gastronomic experience.



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